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Why Viva Automated?

Viva Automated exists so that Coaches, Creatives, Healers, Teachers & Speakers, don’t have to be slaves to their business anymore.

In this era of technology, you can fear that technology is going to take away jobs (scarcity mindset), OR, you can embrace that it can free humans from society infrastructure to LIVE life more fully (abundance mindset)

That’s why I chose the business name: VIVA AUTOMATED

The direct translation from Spanish is: LIVE AUTOMATED

I believe (and know from personal experience!) that by leveraging automation in your heart centered business, you are able to make a bigger impact, with less ‘day to day work-hustle time’ (aka more BEing time for you!), and have more financial freedom.  So that you can LIVE your best life by having a Lucrative Lifestyle Business You Love!

By freeing ourselves from the day to day hustle, it gives us freedom to use our resources of time and money to not only fill our own health, wealth, happiness and soul buckets, but lift other people up too.


Will you join me?

And add a little Viva to your business?

You and I, we need to have a little chat…

Everyone is talking about internet marketing, but NO ONE is talking about how to make that into real money I’m talking about the truest meaning of the big HOW

Like seriously, HOW do you turn that marketing into revenue? And on Autopilot!?  HOW is that even possible for the average person to do!?

How does it all work!?!!

Well, you are at THE go-to place to learn exactly HOW to piece this whole big online business world together so that you can make actual money from all of that marketing money and marketing time you spend to get the traffic, followers, email list, and all of that.

I literally give you the HOW-TO’s, for setting up all of the actual automation tech you need as a Coach, Creative, Healer, Teacher or Speaker, so that you can reach more people, with less time commitment, and generate more revenue.  AND I do it in a way that is easy for you to understand and implement (actually, personally.. I think it’s kinda fun! Like a game – that spits out real money!)

It’s just a matter of knowing what fits well together

Once you know how the different gears of automation fit together, it’s pretty straight forward HOW to create your own Automated Money Making Machine (Automated Sales Process) by adding automation to your business.

In the webinar “Create A Lucrative Lifestyle Business” I walk you through how the Avoid the 3 massive mistakes all coaches, creatives, healers, teachers and speakers make that stop them from selling and delivering their products & services… Online and on Autopilot!

And I teach you how you, yourself! can add powerful automation tools to your business easily.

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Annette May Perry, is a Certified Ontraport Consultant, a Saas Project Manager, Entrepreneur of over 20 years, and an ONTRAPORT user from since it was called OfficeAutopilot… and she 🖤’s Paddleboarding
Viva Automated provides turn-key, fully automated sales process systems. Get more sales and more free time by adding easy-to-use automation tools to your heart centered business. 
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