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What is an “Automated Sales Process”?
 An Automated Sales Process is typically executed with automation software such as ONTRAPORT. An Automated Sales Process facilitates infinite scalability for lead generation to acquire new students or clients, and converts more prospects into new students and clients, on autopilot through the use of the automation software. 
Convert (a process or facility) to largely automatic operation
The exchange of goods for profits
A set of recurring or periodic activities that interact to produce a result
Viva Automated provides turn-key, fully automated sales process systems that do the work for you on Autopilot
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Annette May Perry, is a Certified Ontraport Consultant, a Saas Project Manager, Entrepreneur of over 20 years, and an ONTRAPORT user from since it was called OfficeAutopilot… and she 🖤’s Paddleboarding
By freeing ourselves from the day to day hustle, it gives us freedom to use our resources of increased time and money to not only fill our own health, wealth, happiness and soul buckets, but lift other people up too
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