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“Automation Systems are the key to being able to reach more people, and make more money, while having more time…”

Annette May Perry, Ontraport Certified Consultant – Lead Builder

Ontraport Certified Consultant

Annette Perry founded Viva Automated after working in this industry executing a complex ONTRAPORT automation build for a US based corporation that was using ONTRAPORT as the backbone to their SAAS software system. But that wasn’t Annette’s first real world experience with ONTRAPORT. Prior to that, Annette had been already a long time user and automation expert.

Annette first started developing and implementing automation systems for her graphic design business in 2007, in the pre-automation era. Annette was able to create automated workflows so that should could remotely manage her graphics business (and staff) which produced a physical product; Signage and Decals. She was remote working, before that was even a thing.

Experience + Certification

In 2014 Annette had shifted to offering business coaching, and her business was growing fast. She needed to scale, no longer could she handle the one to one demand. So she took one-year off of client work, and dove deep into the automation world, investing in every platform she could learn of to see first hand what platform had the best value, and ease of use, for her coaching business. She has been helping people automate their businesses ever since and became an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant in 2017.

At Viva Automated, every single team member who is involved in the development of your project are ONTRAPORT Certified Consultants. That means you are receiving a quality product that is made with care, and is developed to the highest quality of industry standards.



Since 2017 Annette has been an Ontraport Certified Consultant solely building ONTRAPORT systems for people, and for the last couple of years she has been working exclusively at Email Splat as their Lead Builder.

Email Splat has been the leading agency for many years with solving complex marketing, process, and technical issues. Email Splat has been known in the market place for solving the unsolvable.

In 2020, Neil at Email Splat made a shift to focus on developing products in partnership with business owners and has limited the number of custom automation implementations Email Splat takes on in a year.  That’s where Viva Automated was born.

Viva Automated is a boutique consulting agency and Annette Perry is at the helm over here (and yes, she’s still on the team at Email Splat).

We are primarily focused on implementing for experts their online courses and membership sites via automating Learning Management Systems (such as Access Ally and Kajabi), and performing ONTRAPORT builds & migrations.

Neil Kristianson

Neil Kristianson

The perfect blend of left and right brain, Neil has been known to think in flowcharts while simultaneously humming a blues riff. He used his love of process and systems to build and sell two companies.
In 2016, he released the first book on ONTRAPORT – The Ultimate Guide To Rules In ONTRAPORT.  Neil works with Viva Automated for when we are implementing more complex integrations.


Natasha Mueller
Natasha is our ultimate support team member, whether it’s a campaign needed within Ontraport, digital asset collection, or a 3rd party integration, Natasha is there to support the team and project with whatever it needs to get the job done well. When not helping the team with project builds, you’ll find Natasha on the local theatre stage as a performing artist.


Marshall Perry
Marshall Perry works with the team on the large project builds that need a lot of testing. When we are doing a big project, with many working pieces that need to work in unison together, Marshall is the man who will go through and test the UI, Emails, and general ‘Customer Journey’. Most of the time, you’ll find Marshall leading people on Paddle Board Tours in tropical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Come Work With Us

As a business owner, you have a very specific vision for how your system needs to work. Sometimes the software limits your vision – but it doesn’t need to.

We’ve helped many users with interesting problems that Support said can’t be solved. Sometimes we employ outside solutions but many times it’s simply a matter of looking at the tools ONTRAPORT gives us and using them creatively. By using built-in solutions in a way the engineers didn’t envision, we’re able to make many entrepreneurs’ ideas come to life.

By understanding how your business works and where ONTRAPORT fits in, we’re able to build a plan to use the system to its fullest for your business — without making it overly complex for you or your staff to use.


Let us fuse all your swirling entrepreneurial ideas, your half-finished business processes, and your under-utilized content into one seriously rocking ONTRAPORT setup.

One that makes you money while saving your sanity!



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Viva Automated provides you with turn-key, fully automated sales process systems.  Get more sales and more free time by adding easy-to-use automation tools to your heart centered business


By freeing ourselves from the day to day hustle, it gives us freedom to use our resources of increased time and money to not only fill our own health, wealth, happiness and soul buckets, but lift other people up too