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Lifestyle Business

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Automate your Business

So that you can unlock the Lucrative Lifestyle Business you’ve always dreamed of having

What is Viva Automated?

Viva Automated provides you with easy-to-use, pre-packaged and custom built automation systems for your business, marketing and sales (Technically this is called an “Automated Sales Process”).  So that you can serve more people, and generate more revenue, while having more free time.

To help you achieve your own Lucrative Lifestyle Business, we have created a toolkit of resources (coming soon) that are designed to help you identify what fully automated blueprint that would be the most aligned to support you (aka, your automated sales process, or what I call your “automated money-making machine!” ), and how to implement what you need, so that you can break free from the “time is exchanged for money” old business paradigm.

True Freedom comes from having the time and money to use your time how you want, to do what you want, when you want to.

Automating your business, marketing and sales gives you that freedom.  The freedom that comes when you break free from exchanging your time for money.

Exchanging time for money is a very limited business model because there are only one of you and a limited number of working hours in a day.  When you leverage your unique message and services through online automation systems, you are able to scale with ease to serve many more people, and generate more revenue while having more free time.